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The Now generation

Title: The Now generation
Date: Friday, 15 May 1970
Publisher: Arizona Living
Author: Jr. Schlichting
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The Now generation is to be commended and congratulated for its initiative in keeping pace with the tremendous strides, both materially and spiritually, which mankind has made in the past two decades. There is an evolution, a gradual evolving, taking place which is far better than the usually catastrophic revolution. A large majority (not the small minority who are creating the furor on our college campuses and protest marches of today) are leading the way in a search for a better way of life.

Some methods of search have ended in blind alleys. One such method is the use of drugs presently sweeping the nation. This temporary detour, however, will soon be eliminated by the Now generation itself when it discovers this is not the way to reach its desired destination. This will happen because the Now generation is in what, in another sense of reference, is termed "Being in Present Time." Being in Present Time requires being HERE AND NOW! This fits the Now generation. It is not stuck in the past or on the time track in some past loss or even in a past win. Neither is it made up of idle dreamers of the future. It is made up of people who know the future is created by the present, the here and now. Being in present time creates results. This is the Now generation. The only other ingredients needed are a purpose in life and the ability to stay on that purpose line, never deviating from it.

In the past, we have put all the stress and attention on intelligence — believing it was something the individual was born with and either he had it or he didn't. We now know (and it is accepted in all areas of Scientific thought) that this is not true. Nothing is static about human intelligence. Intelligence can be created. IQ, once considered unchangeable, can be raised 10 to 20 points by comparatively simple methods. This has been proven by thousands of "before and after" IQ tests. A person's ability and awareness level can definitely be changed. Correct data given to the individual and technology correctly applied, will invariably raise a person's IQ. The opposite is also true. Through abuse, neglect and especially suppression, the person can be "educated" in a downward spiral of less and less awareness and ability and a lower and lower IQ until he becomes a burden on society.

Some of today's Now generation, in its frantic search for "mind expansion", greater awareness and answers to questions for which we have not provided answers, have turned to the use of chemicals or drugs in various forms. Already many have, and are, realizing that this is not really the answer to mankind's problems or what they are really seeking. At best, drugs give only a fleeting, momentary, so to speak, result of mind expansion or greater awareness sought by the individual. At their worst, they can result in hallucination and a gradual downward spiral to degradation.

The person using drugs is only seeking a solution to a problem. He is trying to solve something. He is seeking answers. Provide him with a better way and he will not resort to the use of drugs. It's that simple.

All that is necessary to change this picture of today's Now generation of drug use and abuse is to show the users a better way to achieve the purpose they are seeking. The use of drugs really isn't necessary and any results achieved are only transient and temporary, eventually leaving the user with a loss rather than a gain.

There is a better way to achieve what we of the Now generation are seeking — mind expansion, greater awareness, higher IQ, greater ability and answers to life's puzzles. All these and more can now be achieved without drugs and without any side effects through the use of non-chemical technology that is simple, effective and relatively easy to apply. This technology deals directly with the Human Mind and Spirit. It brings about a greater awareness and a more stable and able Being. It not only achieves this for the individual but it does so on a stable and lasting basis.

This technology is here now and available for all mankind. It has been evolved through research, refined and updated through use, over the past two, decades. It is a product of and for the Now generation.

[Picture / Caption: Dr. Henry Schlichting was born in Dodge City, Kansas, reared in Oklahoma, followed by a genera/ practice for 21 years in Texas, directing his own clinic and hospital. An Arizonan since 1964, he is now director of the Scientology Institute of Applied Philosophy in Phoenix, working and counselling extensively young and older alike.]