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Scientology opens convention events

Title: Scientology opens convention events
Date: Thursday, 2 July 1970
Publisher: Westlake Post
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As thousands of U. S. and International Scientologists prepare to attend the "Grand National Convention" in Long Beach, July 3-5, Diana Hubbard, beautiful 18-year-old daughter of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, arrived in Los Angeles.

Diana, accompanied by her brother, Quentin, flew in Wednesday from the Mediterranean area where they both serve on their father's personal staff. Highly trained in executive leadership and management, they hold key organization and technical positions and assist Hubbard in advanced research and development of Scientology spiritual technology.

Diana and Quentin will deliver special addresses at the three-day convention. New information on the world-wide church's expansion and its increasing application of spiritual technology to the resolution of environmental and cultural crises will also be presented.

L. Ron Hubbard, American philosopher, writer and scientist, has prepared significant material to be disclosed at the convention to highlight the "20th Anniversary of Dianetics and Total Freedom."

"The event launches a new era of Dianetics, the first fully precision science of the mind, and an acceleration of the Church's activities in the areas of spiritual, social and mental health reform," convention officials said.

Long Beach Mayor Edwin W. Wade will give a welcome address Friday evening, July 3, to newly arrived convention attendees during the evening program.

Also at the convention will be presented a critique of "Narconon," the Church of Scientology's drug rehabilitation program. Rev. Arthur Maren, senior executive of the Western U. S. Scientology Churches and U. S. Supervisor of "Narconon" programs, has prepared this unique presentation in conjunction with "Narconon" founder, William Benitez.

The convention will draw Church of Scientology executives and celebrities from around the world. For more information contact the registrar, Church of Scientology of California, 2005 W. 9th St., Los Angeles 90006, or phone 385-9051.