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Dianetics pair pleads innocent // Denies practicing medicine illegally

Title: Dianetics pair pleads innocent // Denies practicing medicine illegally
Date: Friday, 10 April 1953
Publisher: Detroit Free Press
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Two operators of the Detroit School of Dianetics and Scentology pleaded innocent Thursday to charges which grew from a police raid March 25.

They were Mrs. Refa Postel, 45, of 16545 Oakfield, and Earl Cunard, 26, of 8901 Dailey Court, where the school is located.

They were accused of conspiring to practice medicine without a license and conspiracy to operate a private trade school without a license.

* * *

DIANETICS is a mental health pastime which has been called "poor man's psychoanalysis."

Police said they found a class In dianetics being conducted tor eight man and four women.

All, police were told, were "pre-clears"—the elementary stage of dianetics.

More advanced stages are theta clear and cleared theta clear.

* * *

THE THEORY of dianetics is that impressions (engrams) are recorded on protoplasm. Maladjustments result from stored-up and almost forgotten bad experiences.

By talking with another dianetics devotee (auditing) emotional upsets are relieved and the patient may ultimately become "clear," advocates contend.