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His tomatoes keep on growing to 16 feet

Title: His tomatoes keep on growing to 16 feet
Date: Sunday, 16 August 1959
Publisher: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
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EXPERIMENTS being conducted by a nuclear scientist at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead could have far-reaching effects on agriculture. Some of his tomato plants are growing from ten to 16 feet high!

One most interesting discovery of Dr. Ron Hubbard is a method of curring and preventing mildew in greenhouse.

Dr. Hubbard, who works in greenhouses fitted as laboratories, told this week that market gardeners had lost thousands of pounds through mildew.

"An infra-red ray lamp inserted in the greenhouse is a complete protection against mildew and a cure if it has already started to affect the plants," he said.


In his tomato experiment, Dr. Hubbard claims that his plants, growing to a height of ten to 16ft., are ever-bearing.

By treating tomato seeds with radio-active rays he can produce a freak strain of tomato that grows rapidly and produces five time the normal amount of fruit.

His plants contain approximately 15 trusses with 45 tomatoes to each truss.

But Dr. Hubbard's experiments do not end there. In another of his greenhouses is sweet corn, which under normal conditions grows to a height of four to five feet, its leaves being used as fodder.


Dr. Hubbard's sweet corn, treated with radio-activity, has shot up to a height of 12 feet, with 28 days' growth still left.

"Just think of the increase in the amount of fodder from each plant, also the increase in the amount of sweet corn. It represents about five times the normal quantity," he said.

Dr. Hubbard is also experimenting with the effect of light on plants and the growth of plants by light alone.

Agricultural authorities are following Dr. Hubbard's experiments with great interest. He claims to be working 20 years' in advance of present methods.

[Picture / Caption: Experiments to revolutionise gardening are being made at Saints Hill by American scientologist Dr. Ron Hubbard. These tomato and sweet corn plants hare already reached a height of 16 feet and completely dwarf Dr. Hubbard's son Quentin. He hopes to produce a tomato tree.]