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Letters to the Editor // On Armstrong trial

Title: Letters to the Editor // On Armstrong trial
Date: Thursday, 17 May 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Author: Sanford Block
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On May 15, 1984, in the Armstrong trial, we heard more testimony concerning Gerald Armstrong's "state of mind." This is, of course, his defense to justify his taking another's property. It is similar to what we see in a criminal case—the "insanity defense"—that one is justified or not responsible for his acts because of his state of mind.

This insanity defense brings to mind the attempted assassination by John Hinckley, a loner, a failure and one trying to make a name for himself and a place for himself in history by shooting President Reagan. One could say Gerald Armstrong appears to be trying to make a name for himself through attempted character assassination of a famous man, in this case L. Ron Hubbard.

It is important in this suit to keep the allegations by Armstrong and Michel Flynn, and reports of such in the press, in perspective. A point not made clear in the local press is that the "documents" used by Armstrong are used only as to Armstrong's "state of mind"—how he perceived them. The court has made it clear that there are no statements being made as to the truth of Armstrong's statements or interpretations of the documents.

So, if we liken Armstrong's "state of mind" defense to the "insanity defense," then we can see that Armstrong's "interpretations" and statements are distortions. In fact during our cross examination of Armstrong, his credibility will be destroyed.

At that time we will see that, unlike Hinckley, Armstrong will not even have wounded his target.

Church of Scientology of California
Los Angeles