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Letters to the Editor // Proud Scientologist

Title: Letters to the Editor // Proud Scientologist
Date: Saturday, 9 June 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Author: James M. Justice
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Proud Scientologist


Recent articles and an editorial at the Clearwater Sun have asserted that Scientology is dangerous or dying. Neither is true, to my observation.

I came to Clearwater in September 1981 to do a Scientology service and was so impressed by both the Flag Land Base and the city that I never left. Since then, all the changes I have witnessed in the church have been positive and expansive, and I have experienced spiritual gain far in excess of my expectations.

I am not employed by the church, but I have tremendous admiration for the dedicated people who are keeping Scientology alive and well. They are the friendliest and most ethical people I know.

Clearwater is a beautiful city, and I am very proud to call it my home. I am also proud of being a Scientologist.