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Letters to the Editor // In defense of Scientology

Title: Letters to the Editor // In defense of Scientology
Date: Thursday, 14 June 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Author: Bruce Silton
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In defense of Scientology


What gives with your vast and biased reporting on the Scientologists in Clearwater? The recent articles were a bit too much. I simply never hear any evidence of the widespread dislike you suggest exists in our community for Scientology.

Perhaps you are actually trying to create hatred and prejudice? Your manner and presentation has all the marks of the same irrational attacks made by Germany on Jesus, Christians and other religious and ethnic groups.

On your own pages are so many examples of the results of inflaming people against a group or individual with some particular differences. The Lebanese Christians against Lebanese Moslems, Iranian Moslems against Iraqi Moslems, Hindus against Moslems in India, etc. You must know the possible consequence of your inflammatory reporting. Please, there are real dangers to our quality of life in Clearwater. Why create ones that don't exist?



I have been very surprised by the coverage of the Scientologists and their church in recent issues of your newspaper. Hardly a day goes by when I do not see some article vilifying these people or their organizations, and I finally have been provoked enough to write you a letter. I work with a lady who is a Scientologist, and I also have a couple of other acquaintances who are Scientologists. And so your recent articles don't make sense to me. These people I know, if anything, are above average. They are extremely honest, they are hard-working, and each one is very willing to give a hand to someone who needs help. They are the kind of people you wish there were a good deal more of around.

So I am mystified at why the Sun has been painting such a one-sided, even biased (I hesitate to say "bigoted"), view of these people. Surely some unbiased reporting is in order here. It makes me think sometime that maybe I should put my quarter in the neighboring coin box and extract that other, "out-of-town" newspaper. Although I really don't want to.