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Letters to the Editor // Scientology pro and con

Title: Letters to the Editor // Scientology pro and con
Date: Tuesday, 12 June 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Author: Dale Christiansen
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Scientology pro and con


I read a copy of the "Way to Happiness," by L. Ron Hubbard, tried it and found happiness. Who can dispute that truth and honesty is the basis of happiness in life? Anyone can try this out and find out for themselves.

I read the Clearwater Sun fand felt miserable for hours afterwards.

If honesty equals happiness, then I wonder what caused my bad feelings in reading the Sun?



The response to the editorial, "Silence on Scientology shows alarming apathy," has been overwhelming from readers in our community, but, the letter from R.J. Lawley, from West Sussex, England, saying: "We are fighting the church here in the United Kingdom and your articles are a big help to us," must have given your heartstrings a tug.

It is wonderful to know that editorials in the Clearwater Sun reach other countries and influence thinking there. For us to know that wherever the Sun editorials are read, they affect the thinking of people, not only in our community, but around the world, makes us prouder and prouder of the Sun.

A breath of hope that the Scientologists may be annihilated comes from:

Marvin Price, the former head of the Stockton Mission, who says that the collapse of the church is inevitable because the church was built on a lie.

Gerald Armstrong, the former church archivist and a defector from Scientology, is being sued by the church for the 10,000 letters and documents that he retained after leaving the church, said, "If it becomes known that he (Hubbard) lied ... and if those documents come out it will be the end of Scientology."

Michael Flynn, a well-known Boston attorney, who has made a career of legal battles with the church, says, "There has never been such an all-out assault against Hubbard ... You're dealing with a bunker mentality. They are in deep trouble."

Lawyer Flynn is now working on the case of Armstrong vs. Scientology church, in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

We wish you well, Lawyer Flynn, in getting those letters and documents out before the public eye. We are confident that then the days of the Scientologists will be numbered.