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Letters to the Editor

Title: Letters to the Editor
Date: Tuesday, 19 June 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Author: Barbara F. Georgius
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Regarding Armstrong and his claim against the Church of Scientology: Since when does reponsible journalism only look at one side of the story?

He has allegedley stolen documents. This is "theft" in the eyes of the law. A man who steals rarely tells the truth.

His justifications for this theft really, are amazing, but more than that; why wouldn't the Clearwater Sun want both sides of the story? Your readers deserve to have all of the facts here, wouldn't you agree? Whether one likes or dislikes the Church of Scientology is really not the issue here. But responsible, thorough journalism is Objectivity would garner you even more respect from your reading public. The public can smell prejudice a mile off ... and believe me, it's offensive to many, because they expect "professionalism" from their local reporter and paper.

I believe it's this type of "one-sided reporting" that has made it easier for an out-of-town paper to claim the lion's share of the public in terms of circulation. I don't really believe, in the end that you will stably boost your circulation by this type of sensational reporting. Quite to the contrary: you may lose many. Can you afford that?

The professional approach is total objectivity, reporting both sides of the story. You will garner peoples' respect for doing so. And I've never seen any one subscribe to a paper that they didn't respect in one way or another. You own this much to your reading public, and your reputation just may depend on it.

Executive Director
Abilities Unlimited
Indian Rocks Beach

Concerning Scientology


Thank you for sending George-Wayne Shelor to California and Canada to write stories on the actions of certain Scientologists.

The information has been alarming, but helpful. We need to keep informed. Other people would write or call to thank you for the Scientology news, but perhaps they are afraid. It took me a while to write letter to express my appreciation.

From time to time I send letters about the Scientologists to the mayor and commissioners at Clearwater City Hall. My letters become a public record, just like other letters written to City Hall. The letters are copied and made available to the public. Every day a Scientologist visits Clearwater City Hall to see if letters have been written about Scientologists. The letter Is then copied, the Scientologist pays the copying fee and off he goes. It could be quite chilling to know about that little activity, which may be why so few people write letters to their elected officials, preferring to make known their concerns in person or by telephone.

For awhile, I was wondering if you had given up the battle. Current stories have shown me the Clearwater Sun is still worth reading.