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Letters to the Editor // Scientologist responds

Title: Letters to the Editor // Scientologist responds
Date: Sunday, 8 July 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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I am writing in response to the article on the Church of Scientology's E-Meter, by George-Wayne Shelor in your paper on June 13.

There are several "quotes" from Ron DeWolf in the article expressing his view of the history of the confessional device that have been publicly repudiated by Mr. DeWolf himself in sworn statements. DeWolf testified under oath and later retracted those statements in a public repudiation of his testimony. Had Mr. Shelor bothered to check on DeWolf's later statements concerning the E-Meter, quite a different story would have emerged.

For instance, in a sworn affidavit dated Sept. 22, 1969, after testimony regarding the E-Meter in a U.S. Federal Court of Claims case, DeWolf said:

"I testified that the cost of producing a certin type of E-Meter was about $12.50. First of all, this was merely a guess on my part. I have now examined into the cost of the particular E-Meter to which I had made reference and find that the cost at that time actually was $60 to manufacture and sold for $75, as opposed to the about $12.50 which I had erroneously assumed to be the cost. I know, however, that there was never any attempt by the church to profit excessively by their manufacture."

DeWolf continued in this same affidavit to say that "... I have always recognized that the founder and followers of Scientology sincerely believed in it as a religion."

And further, "I now unequivocally feel that Scientology is a valid religion and that its spiritual practices as developed by my father, L. Ron Hubbard, are a truly effective method for helping mankind."

Was DeWolf merely pulling the wool over Mr. Shelor's eyes, telling him only what he thought Mr. Shelor wanted to hear? I doubt that we will ever know.

Public Affairs,
Church of Scientology