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Grassroots "The Way To Happiness"

Title: Grassroots "The Way To Happiness"
Date: Thursday, 2 August 1984
Publisher: Voice (Riverside, California)
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From coast to coast companies are using a booklet to improve employee and client relations and the results are showing in increased production and rising statistics.

With the rising statistics in absenteeism, sickles after a night on the town, lack of loyalty and enthusiasm, employees are shaking their heads to frustration as to what to do to get production up.

How does todays business world survive in todays jungle of earning an honest buck? There is an answer.

Growing in popularity is a little book called "The WAY TO HAPPINESS" outlining 21 rules of moral conduct based on common sense values. Simply written, it expresses concepts of right and wrong that allows the reader to realize how to apply such things as work ethics, loyalty, competence, teamwork and the good old fashion Golden Rule, treat others as you would have them treat you.

The International "Way to Happiness" campaign is spearheading a grassroots campaign to counteract the rising crime rate, drug abuse, and the disruption to the family life by distributing "The Way to Happiness" booklet widely. These problems effect businesses so greatly that many companies have enthusiastically joined in the campaign.

Ten of thousands of copies have been distributed in the Los Angeles area alone, plus wide distribution overseas including England, Australia and South Africa returning a flow of letters complimenting its workability.

In Burbank, a solar anew systems company, Northland Environmental, utilizes the booklet in their staff training program. "We frequently refer our employees to the booklet to help them work out personal problems," says Randall Smith, Northland's Executive Training Officer. He recommends that other business do the same because, he says, "frankly, the booklet is a contributing factor to our success (We're opening our fourth new branch office...)"

THE WAY TO HAPPINESS Is also available in Spanish and othe foreign language editions.

For further information phone or write to: The Way to Happiness International Headquarters, 3540 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 301 Los Angeles, California 90010, Phone (213) 738-7800.