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Letters to the Editor // Scientologist responds

Title: Letters to the Editor // Scientologist responds
Date: Monday, 13 August 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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The Sun's Aug. 4 editorial concerning the Church of Scientology and Michael Flynn further reflects the Sun's continuing bias and blindness to matters concerning the "sect" as you put it.

I recall when Richard Nixon appeared before the world and contented he had done no wrong in the Watergate affair. The press and the public wanted to believe him and placed confidence in his honesty as a man and as our president. However, the facts soon proved that trust to have been grossly misplaced and painfully so. The overwhelming evidence—much of it almost too incredible to believe—turned out to indeed be true.

The data, which have been gathered by private investigators from independent firms with excellent credentials, and of whom none were or are presently Scientolgists, (much of which data is, likewise, almost too incredible to believe), if studied honestly will bear out the crimes and dishonesty of Michael Flynn and his "associates." I can only ask if the Sun ever bothered to request a review of this evidence before writing this editorial?

It seems to me that it would be of no avail for the church to "defend" itself when so vehemently attacked. But it makes for greater sense to find out the real "why" behind such attacks.

Furthermore, your out-of-context quotes of church philosophy are contemptuous, misleading and reflect very bad journalism.

The last paragraph concerning law enforcement agencies "excoriating this malignancy (Scientology) from our community" is truly unbelievable. In essence you are making a statement supporting police control of religion in this country, which cuts into the very heart of our vast success as a free nation. Along with such an action would also come a denial of freedom of speech. Where would that put the Clearwater Sun?

I urge you to take off your blinders and do some honest investigative journalism presenting the facts to your readers concerning Scientology, its tenets, goals and basic foundation. It would be a pleasant thing to see the truth in print.

Dallas, Texas