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Letters to the Editor // In response

Title: Letters to the Editor // In response
Date: Tuesday, 14 August 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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I read your recent editorial with interest and noted the deep support and warmth that you feel for Mr. Michael Flynn. My concern is that such support is not based on facts. The facts are that Mr. Flynn was part of a criminal conspiracy to forge a check on the account of L. Ron Hubbard. This has now been turned over to federal authorities as this is a criminal act.

Mr. Flynn may be opposed to several religions and indeed has written a number of lawyers around the country and characterized his personal laws as anti-religious. Certainly none would disagree with his anti-religious characterization of the laws he drafted in Clearwater.

I do not know the religion of the person who wrote the editorial as it is not expressed in the article. I would merely ask if that unknown editor believes that his religion should have the right to practice freely. If so, would indicate that I would defend to the death his right to practice his religion.

Should Mr. Flynn be indicted for his criminal conspiracy, it does put Clearwater in a rather difficult position. The city can only demand the return of some one $150,000 or more. It should be used to solve the traffic problems along the causeway and beach areas. Mr. Flynn should most assuredly pay interest on the monies as well. He owes it to the residents of Clearwater who are the real victims to this fraud.

Mr. Flynn has now saddled the city with suits, and that will cost in the millions. He should also pay those costs or the city could withdraw once Mr. Flynn is indicted. It is a sad state of affairs that he should so poison the well of understanding in the area that the Clearwater Sun loses money and customers and has problems on paying interest on its loan (so I hear) all to attack a religion. Why should we quarrel over Mr. Flynn? His animosity to my religion does not give him the license to commit felonies.

He owes money to the taxpayers of Clearwater and should pay it back.

Church of Scientology International