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[Letter to the Editor] No hard proof

Title: [Letter to the Editor] No hard proof
Date: Thursday, 16 August 1984
Publisher: Daily News
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As I read the article about the Church of Scientology in your paper I was reminded of all the earlier, similar claims and allegations I've read in various publications over the years — and I've never seen any hard proof.

It seems to me that if even a small part of these tales were true we'd see a decline in the activities of the church. It seems to be prospering more than ever!

I have seen literally hundreds of proclamations signed by various mayors (Including the Los Angeles mayor and my own Burbank mayor), governors and other officials praising L. Ron Hubbard for his help in reducing crime and drug use in our society. Hubbard seems more and more popular, even as these occasional wild allegations get printed. I note that his latest fiction book "Battle Field Earth," has been on many different best seller lists for week after week.

I personally worked with Hubbard's drug rehabilitation techniques when I helped more than 100 convicted felons at California Men's Colony several years ago, and I know how well that program works — and how dedicated many scientologists are to improving the everyday life in their communities.