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Rights group attack psychiatric treatment

Title: Rights group attack psychiatric treatment
Date: Wednesday, 29 August 1984
Publisher: Chelsea Record
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Beth Cieslinski of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) was in Chelsea this week to announce the start of CCHR's new Mental Health Abuse Helpline for parents, children or any individual who has been mistreated, abused or criminally assaulted by psychiatrists or other mental health professionals. Anyone who falls into the above categories or has a family member or friend who falls into these categories is asked to call CCHR immediately for direction and assistance.

Beth Taylor-Cieslinski, a Smith College graduate and New England Director of CCHR, which is a 15-year-old patients and clients rights group sponsored by the Church of Scientology started the Helpline to assist anyone caught up in the mental health system.

"For years, psychiatrists were, in effect, above the law," rages the 34 year old Cieslinski. "Unexplained deaths, suicides, and ravaged lives were the all too common result of pscyhiatric "care" yet little was done to criminally prosecute the psychiatrists responsible. Now that the public is becoming more concerned about physical and sexual abuse of all classes of people, things are beginning to happen."

Cieslinski acknowledges that the trauma, embarrassment and guilt associated with any kind of sexual or physical assault often prevents people from coming forward and seeking justice.

"Anyone using the CCHR Helpline can be assured of the strictest confidentiality," promises Cieslinski. "Our aim is to help abused Individuals explore and take advantage of all the options open to them."

As an example of the type of problems in the current mental health system, Cieslinski cites the indiscriminate housing of children on adult wards. She quotes a recent study undertaken by the State Legislature which indicates that government agencies are "sending more than 1300 admission of children to adult wards annually." Cieslinski contends that this can only result in a "worsening of the child's problem, virtually eliminating any chance for recovery or help."

"We hope to hear from parents whose children have been caught up in the mental health system," comments Cieslinski. "Mental patients are perhaps the most vulnerable and abused class of people in America today. And children have it far worse than the adults."

"CCHR started the Mental Health Abuse Helpline so that anyone — parent, guardian, individual — will have some place to turn if they have been criminally or otherwise mistreated or abused by a mental health worker," concluded Cieslinski

The CCHR and the Mental Health Helpline can be reached by calling (617) 623-1540 or by writing CCHR at 89 Mass. Ave., Suite 213, Boston, Ma. 02155.