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Letters to the Editor // On Scientology

Title: Letters to the Editor // On Scientology
Date: Thursday, 11 October 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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On Scientology


People who deface church property are not new to this society, or to history. Swastikas on synagogues, property stolen from sanctuaries and a hundred other acts of violence depict only the depraved state of mind of their perpetrators.

Recently, the Pinellas County State Attorney's Office vindicated a Church of Scientology security guard, who captured a man Suspected of throwing a rock through a church window, as charges were filed against the chief suspect for throwing a deadly missile into an occupied dwelling (a felony) and for filing a false police report.

Evidently the trained eye of the State Attorney's office was discerning enough to spot the truth.

On Aug. 26, 1984, the readers of the Clearwater Sun were treated to an editorial discussing the rock throwing incident where no mention was made of the depraved young man who was apprehended as the chief suspect in that incident. For some reason the Sun decided to print only one side of this story. No mention was made of the suspect's earlier threats against the church. Investigation by the police found that the individual he claimed was running from the scene of the crime was, according to the police, in jail at that time. Additionally, it was also discovered that the "friend" that the charged man was supposedly "waiting for" was, himself, the thief suspect in a police investigation of a recent armed robbery. Revealed later in the week was the fact that the man now charged with the crime was arrested recently on an auto theft charge in northern Florida. Thus, the facts of the case never saw the light of day.

One looks in vain in the Sun for mention of the hundreds of thousands of people who participate in the Church of Scientology on a daily basis, and the increases in ability and freedom that these people enjoy. Yet these facts are as close as two blocks away, should they choose to ask, and have been provided to the Sun time and time again.

One looks in vain in the Sun for mention of Hubbard for his advances in drug rehabilitation and his discoveries in education that have made it possible for thousands of people to become able to truly learn again. One sees no mention of the fact that almost 8 million copies of "Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health" have been bought all over the world by people who have improved their lives immeasurably by discovering the principles of the mind that appear in the pages of that one book.

Scientology is the only road to total freedom for mankind. By eliminating barriers that have entrapped man for eons, true freedom is achieved and the road is there for anyone to travel. All one need to do is begin.

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