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Philosopher fights drug abuse

Title: Philosopher fights drug abuse
Date: Thursday, 11 October 1984
Publisher: Sacramento Observer
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Question. Who receives more fan mail per week than the Queen of England, Harrison Ford, and Pope John combined? Answer. L. Ron Hubbard.

Best known through his books and as the founder of the Scientology philosophy, Hubbard receives an average of 2400 letters a week from his friends and individuals who have been helped through his philosophies.

On his 73rd birthday in March, he received greetings from the Governors of 36 states and proclamations from Mayors in New Orleans, Galveston, Houston and Catalina Island recognizing his humanitarian codes endeavors.

In total there were 15,199 letters, gifts and cards sent to him from around the world on this occasion.

Since April 1983 Hubbard has received 104 plaques, recognitions, awards and official acknowledgements for his work in drug prevention and rehabilitation, education and other fields. This was on top of 250 similar honors from earlier years.

Hubbard's methods in the field of drug rehabilitation have been used with tremendous success for nearly two decades by Narconon, an international drug rehabilitation program. Narconon, first started in Arizona State Prison in 1966, has had continual success in this field and now has 29 centers in 11 countries which use the Hubbard Method.

A year ago the City of Riverside, California, declared July as L. Ron Hubbard Month in "appreciation for his concerted efforts towards combatting the ill effects of drug abuse and instilling in addicts authenticated hope for recovery and a better way of life."