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Church of Scientology criticizes RCMP

Title: Church of Scientology criticizes RCMP
Date: Sunday, 26 August 1979
Publisher: Calgary Herald (Canada)
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EDMONTON (CP) — The Church of Scientology lodged a formal complaint Friday with the provincial attorney-general against the RCMP, which it accused of spreading false and misleading information about the church to files of Alberta government agencies.

In a letter delivered to the office of Attorney-General Neil Crawford, the church asked for an investigation to stop the RCMP from interfering with the process of government.

The letter, signed by Rev. Raymond Rockl, national director of public affairs, said the church "has been the target of RCMP wrong-doings."

Information disseminated by the force bad affected registration of the church's minister to solemnize rnarriges, the letter said. On two occasions, church applications for such government registration had been rejected, with no reason given.

Despite an estimated 10 years of covert and overt investigations into the church in Alberta, the letter said, no charges have ever been laid nor has the RCMP publicly confronted the church with any allegations of wrong-doing.

This had produced fat files containing allegations based on opinion or rumor "and we feel that our difficulties in Alberta stem from false reports being accepted as valid information upon which decisions are made.