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Report on Scientology methods is 'must' reading

Title: Report on Scientology methods is 'must' reading
Date: Thursday, 3 December 1981
Publisher: Clearwater Times (Florida)
Author: William J. Kumpton
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Now and then we discover someone who performs a deed or a service exactly as promised. Although this seldom the case, it is even more unusual to see a politician actually perform a campaign promise. In retrospect, I can't remember many who have actually performed the promise to the degree that a reasonable person could fairly recognize the completed performance.

Recently, however, I have taken note of a fulfilled campaign promise by a local Clearwater commissioner. However, I can tell you with no uncertainty that I have been chilled by fear as a direct result of this revelation.

About a year and a half ago former Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares introduced me to Jim Calderbank, who was interested in running for a seat on the Clearwater City Commission. This prospective commissioner tooted a serious desire to rid the community of Scientology, a claim the voters have heard time and again.

SINCE BEING elected, Calderbank has been the playmaker who has ultimately generated the 200-page report prepared by attorney Michael Flynn of Boston detailing the ability of a municipality to regulate organizations claiming tax-exempt or nonprofit status.

This is the chilling part. Jim suggested that a report was coming that would really shake the community. Recently, the report has been made public and is available for the public to review at the city clerk's office. Copies can be reproduced for $50 (i.e., 25 cents a page), but study is being made of a mass printing for public circulation.

I WOULD SUGGEST this book be read by every citizen. This study reveals in detail a factual dissection of an organized effort to physically and mentally control over-increasing numbers of people for the purpose of collecting funds or as a source of labor.

People of all sorts are initially introduced to Scientology through sales techniques, the most common being the free personality tests. In 200 questions, the test is an attempt, purportedly, to reveal any aspect of the subject's personality that might be construed as not normal; it can be physical, spiritual or emotional. Once the test is taken, sales techniques are employed to show the defective area of the subject's personality and, of course, how Scientology can improve it.

Once the recruit is nibbling the bait, sales procedures are increased in an effort to arouse continuous interest. From there, the report describes, a "bait-and-switch" scheme is employed whereby the recruit, baited to free tests and lectures, is switched "to courses and 'auditing' which leads to exorbitant fees and Scientology bondage."

AUDITING, a form of psychotherapy, according to the report, is a crude form of lie detection. The recruit, at this stage referred to as a "pre-clear," holds two metal cans, wired to an electric meter, which allows the auditor to determine if the subject is lying during an ever-increasing series of questions and discussions.

In auditing, the pre-clear, with his inhibitions in suspense, recalls and acknowledges his inadequacies and transgressions. Ultimately, the report indicates, the object purges himself to the auditor, who becomes his confessor and has a hypnotic effect on the subject.

Auditing courses are calculated to induce the desire for further auditing, which ultimately reveals the inner-most thoughts and secrets of the subject. The report says, "Sometimes pre-clears are so distraught (during auditing) that they scream, develop murderous feelings and thoughts; their sexual passions are aroused; they act insanely, laugh hysterically and engage in other irrational behavior; become violent, try to escape and have to be restrained. There is considerable evidence of sexual activity during these sessions. Such behavior is not unexpected by the Scientologists."

"IN SCIENTOLOGY parlance, when such manifestations as these occur the pre-clear is being 'restirnulated'," the report continues. "In fact, psychiatrists declare, he is being debased and mentally crippled." This and other similar and worse manifestations, the report indicates, point to the greatest threat of Scientology, that of the potential damage to mental health.

The report further indicates that detailed notes and even recordings are made at auditing sessions, which are promised to be kept secret. However, should a pre-clear attempt to leave the organization or seek legal redress, the personal information is turned over to the guardian office, which uses the information to "blackmail the attacker," the report says.

AUDITING IS USED at higher levels in Scientology to determine on a regular basis if any members are thinking negative thoughts. References are made to a 1984-type setting. Think of the control where you can read the minds almost daily of all members and record their innermost thoughts. Any escape plan would be detected almost immediately and squashed by the secret police (guardian office) and subtly erased as a future possibility by contrived brainwashing. This is the overwhelming message of the city's report.

The 200-page document includes many more shocking details of the working and deceptions of Scientology. On the positive side, there is a list of methods the city can undertake to solve e the problems. Initially, I [?] column because I felt som [?] port that I might be seen as [?] eked. However, the courage [?] , the other commissioners and those involved at City Hall inspired me. Maybe I was scared to keep quiet.

YOU MUST READ the report! Call the Chamber of Commerce; check with the city clerk; call the mayor. Demand that a mass printing of the report be distributed so the whole city will really know what's going on.

I'm no threat to Scientology, but an aroused, informed community, incensed by the truth, will be. If the report could be properly circulated, Clearwater will become a darn mad community who's not going to take it anymore!