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Is it possible to achieve greater freedom and happiness? [Advertisement]

Title: Is it possible to achieve greater freedom and happiness? [Advertisement]
Date: Friday, 17 May 1985
Publisher: The Oregonian (Portland)
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These Americans are finding the answers using Scientology(R) in their daily lives, at work and with family and friends...

[Picture Caption: Fred Kinginternationally known martial artist and business consultant, Lake Oswego]
"I've always demanded that any philosophy I use be effective. In business or in the oriental fighting arts, you can't avoid reality. You need to deal with it aggressively.
"Scientology has worked for me, helping me with my business ventures, my relations with others, even my performance in competition."

[Picture / Caption: Diana VenegasModel, Exclusive Fashion Designer, Successful businesswoman, Beverly Hills]
"When I design a dress for a client, I'm designing something for them specifically. I ask what kind of effect they want to create, what picture they want people to see. They tell me and I then create it for them.
Scientology helps me with every step of the process and thus has added much happiness and satisfaction to my life."

[Picture / Caption: Ken GerbinoNationally prominent investment counselor and financial commentator, Beverly Hills]
"I have found Scientology has helped my business and personal life. It is a complete, thorough, workable and enjoyable religious philosophy. It has allowed me to become more aware and productive and I recommend that anyone who would like to improve his life study and read books on this fascinating subject"

[Picture / Caption: Timothy BowlesAttorney, Portland]
My career as a lawyer was largely an outgrowth of my purpose to improve society. I was inspired to do this by my grandfather, who was a high official in the Kennedy administration.
"Scientology has helped me align my work with the aims of social justice and freedom within the law."

[Picture / Caption: Geri BossenPre-school director, Portland]
"Life is fun when you're successful at doing what you really want to do. The skills Scientology has given me in the areas of communication and handling children have made the profession I've chosen very rewarding."

[Picture / Caption: Lee HallGrandmother and elder in the Presbyterian Church, Portland]
"As an active Christian with a commitment to helping others lead happier lives, I've always been interested in ways to make myself more able to do so. I'm especially grateful to Scientology for the tools it has given me to successfully help others and to improve my ability to make the right choices in life."

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