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Letter to the Editor // On Scientology

Title: Letter to the Editor // On Scientology
Date: Friday, 7 June 1985
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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On Scientology


There appears to be a parallel between Arthur Krowitz's defense of Scientology (May 28 issue of Clearwater Sun) and military mentality: "The best means of defense is a direct attack." A raw, crude, offensive approach in support of "religious practice" is hardly the spiritual approach as most of us understand it.

Students of Scientology who flood Clearwater from all corners of the United States, the continent, etc., are often eager to share their experience with anyone who will listen, describing in detail the costly "counseling training" each candidate receives, several times noted as at least $12,000 per person per year. This hopefully to result in a training which in turn "qualifies" each candidate to provide similar "counselor training" to others for equally large fees.

The outrage expressed by Scientologists is, therfore, understandable as they are put in the untenable position of being looked upon as exploitative missionaries of a service currently under IRS investigation.