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Letters to the Editor // For shame!

Title: Letters to the Editor // For shame!
Date: Sunday, 21 April 1991
Publisher: Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
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I was surprised by the emotional tone of Mark Wilkinson's review (April 14 P7) of the book by L. Ron Hubbard titled "Clear Body, Clear Mind."

Mr. Wilkinson made his feelings about Mr. Hubbard very clear in his "review" but in the process of giving vent to these in a sarcastic diatribe of transparent intent, Wilkinson violated the cardinal principle of the journalistic profession, which is to maintain objectivity.

To completely omit major sections of what is probably the most significant biochemical breakthrough of the century is not just a small oversight, it is plain stupidity, if it isn't deliberate smear.

I can't believe that Wilkinson actually read the book he "reviewed," because if he did he would have not overlooked the efficacy of Mr. Hubbard's program in dealing with radiation, for example, nor would he have completely ignored the findings on "drugs and learning" or the data on drugs burning up vitamin reserves, or several other sections of real relevance to the world today.

For shame, Mr. Wilkinson, you let your personal feelings cloud your objectivity and in doing so you have not only insulted the many hundreds of Japanese people who have already done this program with impressive results but you also insulted the intelligence of many thoughtful readers who deserve better.

You do not deserve your job at The Daily Yomiuri.

There is a relationship between chemicals or radiation in the body and a person's ability to think more clearly, say several Tokyoites who have done a
"purification program" recently. They say there is a distinct dulling effect that results from foreign substances in the body, and claim that life can be greatly enhanced by eliminating these.

What is the purification program? It is a sauna and exercise program that includes judicious use of vitamins and a high quality blended oil, which together have the effect of encouraging the body to make up any chronic deficiencies and unload unpleasant impurities as well.

It was developed by author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard, whose research into the development of human abilities led him to notice that drug usage had a long term detrimental effect on learning ability. Even occasional or light usage of drugs seemed to be able to affect a person some years later. Hubbard researched a way that this could be reversed and came up with a program that has achieved spectacular results, especially where people had been overexposed to radiation or harmful toxins.

One amazing thing about this program is that built up radiation is discharged. Many people would not realize that sunburn and other radiation is cumulative in the body. A small dose 10 days in a row will have the same effect as a single exposure 10 times as strong. The right vitamin, niacin, however, has the effect of discharging radiation from the body and this shows up as a red sunburn flush on the body.

Niacin also has the effect of encouraging the body to renew its fatty cells when it is used with other vitamins and oil. It is these cells that can contain the harmful chemicals and drugs and it is the residual amounts of these poisons that apparently can cause a shutting off of emotions and perceptions, as well as a dulling of awareness and intelligence.

Henry Bartnik
Scientology Tokyo