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Letters // A bum rap for Scientology

Title: Letters // A bum rap for Scientology
Date: Tuesday, 21 May 1991
Publisher: Boston Herald
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With regard to Paul Sullivan's May 8 Celebrity item about Demi Moore (" 'Ghost' film star taking close look at Scientology"):

While I can't confirm or deny Moore's interest in the church Sullivan's article missed the mark about what the church is and does.

Churches of Scientology are involved in dozens of community service programs that are improving conditions around the world and which have been acknowledged by community leaders, public officials and the media. Among other things, Scientology churches are engaged in effective drug rehabilitation (resulting in more than 100,000 people getting off of drugs), efforts to improve literacy, marriage counseling, and the like.

Scientology's great popularity with celebrities is based on the fact that it works and helps provide effective solutions to the pressures of public life.

David Aden,
Church of Scientology