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[Letter to USA Today from Lyle Stuart]

Title: [Letter to USA Today from Lyle Stuart]
Date: Wednesday, 5 June 1991
Author: Lyle Stuart
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1000 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22229

5 June 1991

I was one of your charter subscribers and have followed your growth both in circulation and influence from the beginning. In fact, I liked USA TODAY so much that I directed my company to place a full page back cover ad in the national edition for our Dr. Who book series.

During the past fortnight I have read with dismay, the clumsy sereies of attacks against Time magazine by the so-called Church of Scientology.

I respect a publication's right to publish according to its own dictates. But I question your standards. You must be awfully hard-up to bow to this group of dangerous crazies.

To put it in perspective, would you publish a similar series of full page ads if they were placed by the Ku Klux Klan? If not, then you're hypocrites for there is very little essential difference in the philosophies with regard to non-members ("wogs" and "fresh meat") and the scorn for the physically disabled.

As someone who knew L. Ron Hubbard more than forty years ago, I can assure you that he was always money-hungry. And yourselves?

You're losing credibility. And you remind me that when I was a working newsman, our calling was sometimes labelled "the second oldest profession."

Yours truly,
Lyle Stuart
FAXed 6/4 & mailed 6/5