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Letterline // Comments from readers across the USA

Title: Letterline // Comments from readers across the USA
Date: Thursday, 27 June 1991
Publisher: USA Today
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Appalled by ads: I find it appalling that USA TODAY continues to run outrageous, full-page ads paid for by the Church of Scientology. By continuing to run these ads, USA TODAY is aiding and abetting a very vicious and greedy cult — Scientology.
Jim Beebe
Warrenville, Ill.

Enjoys the ads: I have been a Scientologist since 1979. I totally enjoy the ads currently running in USA TODAY. I like your editorials, and wish you continued success and prosperity.
Nancy Rose
Los Angeles, Calif.

Contused by ad: I have no real opinion regarding whether Scientology is a religion or a philosophy. However, I'm intrigued by the advertisement in your June 21 issue titled "My Philosophy" by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Didn't Hubbard die several years ago? If so, this positioning of his philosophy as current thought is more than a bit misleading — unless he sent this message recently. If that's the case, the message belongs on your front page, and I'll convert!
Howard M. Johnson
Olympia, Wash.

[Picture / Caption: Advertising insert in USA TODAY by Church of Scientology.]