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Cult preys on Adnan family

Title: Cult preys on Adnan family
Date: Sunday, 13 October 1991
Publisher: Mail on Sunday (UK)
Author: Nigel Dempster
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THERE is grave concern in the family of multi-millionaire Adnan Khashoggi.

His Italian-born second wife, Lamia, and their 12-year-old son, Ali, have come under the influence of the fraudulent so-called Church of Scientology.

Lamia, the former Laura Biancolini, who became a Muslim on her marriage to the Saudi Arabian Mr Fixit, has become a regular visitor to the cult's centres in America.

And the Scientologists — described in the High Court in 1984 by Mr Justice Latey as 'obnoxious, corrupt, sinister and dangerous' — have assigned one of their movement, American Bob Rich, to look after young Ali as his permanent shadow.

In May, Time magazine featured Scientology on its cover and described how the 'growing empire' squeezes money from its followers — it falsely claims eight million worldwide — by intimidating members and critics in a 'Mafia-like manner'.

Lamia, who remains married to Adnan, 56 — although he took another wife, Iranian Shahpari Zanganeh, last year — has given the Scientologists more than £3 million.

Now Ali, who speaks four languages, has been taken out of his school in Cannes and is being tutored privately.


Despite his youth, he says he is learning to 'communicate the key of life' and is showing all the signs of being brainwashed.

The Scientology movement was founded by the late science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (who claimed he was from Venus) and its British base is in East Grinstead.

The group now boasts 700 centres in 65 countries. Members include John Trsvolta, Kirstie Alley, Priscilla Presley and Tom Cruise.

It costs £120,000 to take the full Scientology course of 'enlightenment'. Travolta says: 'It contains the secrets of the universe. That may be hard for people to handle sometimes.' And Cheers star Alley insists: 'It is not hocus-pocus.'

[Picture / Caption: CONVERT: Lamia with Adnan Khashoggi]