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Church committee issues report denouncing the AMA

Title: Church committee issues report denouncing the AMA
Date: Friday, 18 May 1973
Publisher: Labor Tribune (Illinois)
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The Church of Scientology Committee on Public Health and Safety recently issued a report denouncing the American Medical Association. The report exposes the AMA as a money motivated, monopoly seeking group representing the interests of physicians, with little or no concern for the welfare of the American People.

The report holds the AMA responsible for a number of faults which have led to the "Health Crisis" in America as has been reported by President Richard Nixon and Senator Edward Kennedy. The report quotes an article by Senator Abraham Rubicoff: "Artificially induced shortages of doctors, due basically to the 'professional birth control' the AMA practiced since the 1930's has helped to lower the medical care while raising costs." Further it documents the AMA's resistance to "every major social change in medicine over the past fifty years."

Evidence is shown which links the AMA with big business and drug industries in a union which provides great income to the AMA in exchange for a good name and approval for the businesses and drug industries. The report states that the AMA accepted a $10,000,000 grant from six top cigarette companies in 1964 to counter the U.S. Surgeon General's report linking smoking to heart disease. "The AMA is under the thumb of the drug industry, because the bulk of its income comes from drug advertising (in its publications)," according to a former Chairman of the AMA's Council on Drugs.

Rev. Frederick M. Rock, Regional Chairman of the Church Committee stated, "Most of the nation's doctors are no longer being deceived by the AMA as its membership recently dropped below 50 per cent of all U.S. doctors for the first time in at least fifty years. If the AMA continues its present trend without reforming its basic operating policies it will perish in a few years. It is no longer a life giving force in the field of medicine."

The report is nine pages type written and profusely footnoted. Copies are available from the Church of Scientology Committee on Public Health and Safety, 4221 Lindell, St. Louis, Mo. 63108.