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Church panel to probe health care

Title: Church panel to probe health care
Date: Saturday, 10 June 1972
Publisher: Portland Press Herald
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BOSTON (UPI) — The Church of Scientology has announced the formation of "The Church of Scientology's Committee on Public Health and Safety." They are investigating the charge that the American Medical Association is a political monopoly responsible for rising costs and declining quality of health care.

Jeff Freidman recently appointed President of the committee stated, "This committee on public health and safety will be a stepping stone for reform in society. Too long has the publics' health been toyed with. We are looking beyond all the social and public relation veneers to investigate the role that the AMA may be playing in lower quality of health care. Our committee will provide the information necessary to the public on health and safety."

The church also has organized a group of parishioners who are now using Scientology techniques in a drug rehabilitation program called Narconon. The program is now being run in the Boston Naval Correctional Division.

The next meeting of The Church of Scientology's Committee on Public Health and Safety will be on June 10 to organize the upcoming investigations.