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Scientology trial told of 'few dozen' spy targets

Title: Scientology trial told of 'few dozen' spy targets
Date: Wednesday, 29 April 1992
Publisher: Toronto Sun (Canada)
Author: Bill Dunphy
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The jury in the Scientology trial yesterday heard the church's spy network extended far beyond the four government agencies they're charged with infiltrating.

The Church of Scientology of Toronto and five Scientologists are standing trial on five counts of criminal breach of trust in connection with "agents" planted in the RCMP, the OPP, Metro Police and the Ontario attorney general's office during the mid-1970s.

But yesterday, during his fifth day on the stand, a former top Scientologist admitted their "target list" of supposed enemies encompassed "probably a few dozen" agencies and individuals church officials wanted to spy on.

However, Bryan Levman testified, Scientologists weren't successful in penetrating all of their targets.

Testifying under a grant of immunity, Levman has admitting planning and directing numerous break-ins and intelligence operations against Scientology's enemies.

However yesterday he agreed with lawyer Mel Green, who's on the Scientology defence team, that the crimes weren't committed for personal profit.

All of us were poor, extremely poor," Levman testified. "We didn't take any money during the rip-offs, just photocopies."

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