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Scientology trial: Secret files reported

Title: Scientology trial: Secret files reported
Date: Thursday, 30 April 1992
Publisher: Toronto Sun (Canada)
Author: Bill Dunphy
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A former top Scientologist testified yesterday his intelligence office had copies of Ontario cabinet documents stored in a secret hideaway code-named "The Garden."

Emile Gilbert, former executive director of the Church of Scientology of Toronto, told a jury yesterday "The Garden" contained 40 or 50 filing cabinets of intelligence files on Scientology's targets.

"We had all kinds of files," Gilbert said, "some from Premier Bill Davis' cabinet meetings."

Gilbert also said the agents had amassed so much material dealing with the Attorney General's office, they were stored in a separate filing cabinet.

He also testified to seeing documents he believed came from the RCMP, the OPP and Metro Police.


The Church of Scientology of Toronto and five Scientologists are charged with criminal breach of trust arising from a Scientology spy network that planted agents in the Attorney General's office, the RCMP, the OPP and Metro Police.

All of the charges relate to alleged activities in the mid-'70s.

The court had earlier heard, however, that not all the material in intelligence files was obtained by the alleged illegal tactics of their spies.

During his day of testimony Gilbert identified one of the defendants, Jacqueline Matz, as a case officer running Sclentology spies — including himself.

He also testified he observed some of the other defendants entering the secret hideaway carrying files and documents and said he observed them passing over the files to Matz and another alleged case officer.