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Church lifted OPP files // Spy tells of smuggling

Title: Church lifted OPP files // Spy tells of smuggling
Date: Saturday, 2 May 1992
Publisher: Toronto Sun (Canada)
Author: Bill Dunphy
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A Scientology spy testified yesterday she smuggled out enough files from the OPP to make a stack about 15 feet high.

The Church of Scientology of Toronto Inc. and five Scientologists face charges of criminal breach of trust in connection with a spy network that infiltrated the RCMP, Metro Police, the attorney general's department and the OPP.

Kathy Smith told court that during her 2½ years as an OPP employee she smuggled out "hundreds and hundreds" of files.

She was testifying under a grant of immunity.

Several witnesses have admitted to numerous break-ins and covert operations that targeted lawyers, the Canadian Mental Health Association and even the Ontario cabinet and MPPs.

One former Scientology member told the court she succeeded in removing, copying and returning files from an unnamed Toronto alderman's office in 1973.

Diane Fairfield — testifying under an immunity deal with the Crown — also described a mission to Ottawa that netted a foot and a half of files from the RCMP library, as well as files and information from federal MPs who had received complaints against Scientology from a former member.

Her mission was "to find out who was attacking Scientology and basically stop the attackers."