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Thirty attend Narconon open house Sunday afternoon

Title: Thirty attend Narconon open house Sunday afternoon
Date: Thursday, 13 July 1989
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Gary Smith, public relations representative for Narconon New Life Center at Chilocco said Tuesday that about 30 people attended an event in celebration of the next phase of the Narconon renovation project last Sunday afternoon.

Highlights of the event, according to a press release issued by Smith, included a local band, STOC, from Redrock, rides for the children on the Chilocco red fire engine and a cooling run through the spray from the engine's hoses. The get-together concluded with a traditional Indian dinner held outside the Student Union building.

The Student Union building is one of the first buildings under renovation for the Narconon Chilocco New Life Center's drug rehabilitation program. Monday, July 10 marked the final days of the pre-construction phase to turn the dormant campus building into "a vital project to bring new life to individual who are afflicted with problems from drug and alcohol abuse."

Narconon has been in existence about 23 years and has units in Sweden, Italy and Spain.

Smith, director of external affairs for the Narconon Chilocco New Life Center, said, "Narconon's techniques are new to the drug rehabilitation field is they are totally drug free. This new innovative program is based on techniques researched and developed by writer and researcher L. Ron Hubbard. The program employs a practical and workable means of bringing the drug dependent person back in control of this (sic) own life to where he may again be productive in life.

"These techniques have had a vital impact on the nation's war on drugs by bringing thousands of people safely off of drugs."

Full scale construction will begin in about 2 weeks according to the Project Manager, John Golashesky. "We are preparing for an early fall opening of the first buildings," Golashesky said.

Smith said, "Narconon Chilocco New Life Center expresses its sincere thanks to the communities around Chilocco for their full support. All community groups and schools are invited to take advantage of the Drug Education lectures and presentations to learn more about the truth about drugs and to tour the Chilocco campus." For further information from Narconon Chilocco officials, call 448-3904 or write P.O. Box 326, Newkirk, OK 74647.