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Letters to The Times // Scientology

Title: Letters to The Times // Scientology
Date: Wednesday, 20 November 1985
Publisher: Los Angeles Times (California)
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Congratulations to The Times (Nov. 5) for revealing the absurdity of the core beliefs of Scientology. I hope that everyone will now laugh this so-called "religion" off the face of the Earth.

"A tyrannical ruler 75 million years ago, overpopulation on Earth and other planets, H-bombs exploded way back then, the tan spirits captured in chemical compounds and contaminated with evil"—Leapin' Lizards, it must be a job for Superman!

It is obvious why Scientology doesn't want this nonsense made public: the suckers (i.e., their clients) would never pay to get fully brainwashed through the early stages if they knew how silly the end would be.

Santa Barbara


L. Ron Hubbard is no crazier than the average prophet, and Scientology is better than a lot of religions — at least it preaches self-improvement in this life through self-analysis rather than rewards in an afterlife through prayer.

But Scientology makes one huge mistake: it promises improved intelligence rather than the attainment of eternal bliss. And intelligence can be measured whereas no one has ever come back from the grave to prove that a religion was a fraud. Putting it another way, what Scientology must learn is that it's much safer to insult the intelligence than to improve it.

Los Angeles