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Church may need permit for vault

Title: Church may need permit for vault
Date: Thursday, 4 January 1990
Publisher: Ferndale Enterprise (California)
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The Church of Spiritual Technology may need a permit for its vault to store church documents. According to Thomas Conlon, county planning director, the church said state geologists have told it no permit is needed to excavate on Walker Mountain for the vault.

Conlon said the matter is now under review. Michel Oullette, spokesman, said earlier the church has 45 members and the vault was needed to store church records or documents. Unconfirmed reports say excavation has started and the vault will be lined with steel.

Conlon said a use permit was issued for the new 8,000-square foot home now being built some 400 feet from the present caretaker's residence, but the church does mot need a permit to build a paved road on its own property, nor is an Environmental Impact Report required.

No permit has yet been applied for or granted for the retreat home the Church of Spiritual Technology has mentioned.

At Public Works, Don Raffaelli, who is in charge of maintenance, said the Old Mattole Road was widened by the county, in conjunction with the church, at the bridge to permit trucks towing mobile homes to cross. Raffaelli also said a slip out near the bridge was repaired to save the county from liability.