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I harassed no one, says private eye

Title: I harassed no one, says private eye
Date: Friday, 22 April 1994
Publisher: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
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AN AMERICAN private eye working in East Grinstead has denied harassing residents.

Eugene Ingram, 48, from California, has been investigating documents allegedly stolen from the Church of Scientology UK base at Saint Hill. During the past month he has approached some 150 people across the south east.

Speaking exclusively to the Courier about his work, Mr Ingram said: "Apart from a couple of exceptions, everytime I've seen allegations of harassment there's no name to go along with it."

"The question is who did I harass, how did I harass them? If knocking on a door and asking a person if I can talk is harassment, I have no control over that."

Mr Ingram added: "I am very open in the job that I do. I do not need to harass people."

Mr Ingram said that he was not a Scientologist. "I work for a law firm who happens to represent the Church."

He said he has worked for a number of law firms representing the Church since 1982.


Asked why he was not a Scientology member, Mr Ingram replied: "I'm a Christian. I'm content with my religious beliefs."

A former police sergeant, Mr Ingram said he left the Los Angeles Police Department after being shot in the back in 1980, and was disabled for two years.

Mr Ingram had been staying on and off at the Felbridge Resort Hotel in East Grinstead but has now left.

He intends to stay in the area for another two weeks.

"I've been amazed at the co-operation of English citizens in assisting my operation. Everybody I have spoken to has been wonderful. I've had a great time."