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Letters // Hospital says: We don't want anything to do with them // High price on this kind of salvation

Title: Letters // Hospital says: We don't want anything to do with them // High price on this kind of salvation
Date: Friday, 17 June 1994
Publisher: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
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Scientologists and QVH
Hospital says: We don't want anything to do with them

WE HAVE noted, with some concern, an advertisement by the Church of Scientology for an event purporting to raise money for our hospital.

This advertisement appeared without our knowledge or permission.

We have written to this organisation asking them not to use our name in any way.

Through this letter we would like to make clear that we have no relationship whatsoever with this organisation and will not be associated with them.

Let me assure everyone in East Grinstead that the advertisement appeared without our knowledge and there is no link between ourselves and the Church of Scientology.

Chairman, Queen Victoria
Hospital NHS Trust
Holtye Road
East Grinstead

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[Illustration / Caption: The Saint Hill fete ad: No link with us, say QVH]

High price on this kind of salvation

RECENTLY your paper published a whole page advertisement which informed us that the US government tax agency had declared the cult of Scientology as bona fide. I suppose this was an attempt to make the face of Scientology acceptable.

However, in all the blurb about "benefits to mankind" and the wonders of Scientology teaching there was one word which caught my attention — salvation.

Now I am wondering what is the salvation people experience, and how is that salvation acquired?

Presumably it is through the process of going through several courses, which cost thousands of pounds.

In this very paper we have read of unfortunate people who have been driven to near-suicide because of enormous debts incurred due to the high costs of different "levels". This does not speak of salvation to me.

Indeed, what of the people who have "come out" and tell of their fear and misery? Is that what salvation is?

Could it be that Ron Hubbard is looked on as the saviour for Scientologists, just because he dreamed up all that they learn?

Heaven forbid! He was just a man with no special power; just a fertile imagination which he used to produce writings to ensnare unsuspecting people.

Salvation as a Christian sees it is the deliverance from the power of sin. In the dictionary, it is described as "the state of being preserved from harm".

Despite all the efforts of Scientologists and other cults and religions to woo the public into accepting their teachings, there is only one true salvation, and that is through God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

He alone is the true Saviour, and time alone will prove that truth. His salvation does bring peace of mind and healing — and it doesn't cost money.

Woodpecker Way
Turners Hill

[Illustration / Caption: Detail from the ad: Ron Hubbard's spiritual path]