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Comment // Results are proof // My priority is clear

Title: Comment // Results are proof // My priority is clear
Date: Thursday, 23 August 1990
Publisher: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
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Results are proof

MY interest in writing to you is humanitarian. I am a founding member of Narconon in England and have worked with young people on the Narconon programme.

I have also assisted in the writing of an authoritative book on the subject called Drugs and Drug Rehabilitation.

Possibly your article on Narconon last week failed in one respect, which was to delineate the difference between advice and total freedom from the effects of drugs on young lives. It is worthy that there can be an advice centre but what is also needed in this field is results.

These are some of the hard facts: According to the Social Services Department in Sweden, the Narconon programme there has a 71 per cent success rate, i.e. 71 per cent of people who have been through the programme are living completely drug-free lives. Similarly, in Spain, 76 per cent success rate has been validated.

In the United States, 66,000 people have successfully completed this drug rehabilitation programme since it started in 1966. Today, the Narconon Chilocco Centre in Oklahoma is the largest drug rehabilitation centre in the entire world.

In the USSR, where there is an increasing drug problem the government has officially recognised the Narconon drug rehabilitation programme. The first office opens in Russia next week and a 400 bed hospital has already been allocated solely for the purpose of drug rehabilitation under Narconon.

Anyone who has seen lives ruined by drug addiction will understand the importance of the work being done by this group. The results have long since been vindicated. By their deeds shall yet know them.

A worker in this field is always dedicated and works long hours. His religious affiliations are not the issue. What matters is whether or not he can save youngsters from the horrendous ill effects (including death, all too often) of drug addiction.

Mrs S.W. Hebblewhite,
Executive Council Member,
Narconon UK,
High Street,
East Grinstead.

My priority is clear

NEARLY 20 years ago, a drug addict in an extreme condition was released from the probation on which he had been placed for possession of drugs, into my charge, and that of my wife, who is a State Registered Nurse and a registered sick children's nurse. He was looked after on a pilot project, which greatly refined and expanded, is now the Narconon Programme.

As the programme stands now, it is being lauded as effective in many parts of the world, and government funded in countries in Europe.

Having read your front page article with interest, surely the decision that has to be made for those in the unfortunate position to have to make it, is 'Do I opt for the proven programme that will bring a drug-free, healthy happy future to the addict, or do I spend my £5,000 on a new car?'

If the new car wins, one is left only with what Ms Clay calls 'the first step towards directing someone to what is hopefully the right treatment.'

In this day and age, I know what my priority would be.

Major P. Wakley, (ret'd)
The White House,
Coombe Hill Road
East Grinstead.