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Europe scrutinizes sects: Faith, or false facades?

Title: Europe scrutinizes sects: Faith, or false facades?
Date: Thursday, 20 June 1996
Publisher: New York Times
Author: Marlise Simons
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PARIS, June 19 — Gilbert Bourdin wears a winged crown, calls himself Lord Manarah the Cosmic Messiah, and lives with his followers in the Holy City of Mandar'om on a mountaintop in Provence in southern France. From time to time, loudspeakers blare "ommm" over the compound, a place studded with temples and colossal statues of Buddha, Jesus and Mr. Bourdin himself. The "ommm" may now stop. The sect leader, 73, has sent out faxes announcing that he plans to renounce his ... [Read the rest at]