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Youth pledge Drug-Free at YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Title: Youth pledge Drug-Free at YMCA Healthy Kids Day
Date: Monday, 16 April 2007
Publisher: Valley News
Author: Noelle North
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Contributed by: Noelle North on 4/16/2007

Amongst the games and fun at Glendale YMCA's Healthy Kids Day , Drug-Free Marshals, Rachel Lindley and Kierin Simich pledged in 85 youth to live drug-free lives.

"The Glendale YMCA did such a good job with the games and health education including the Drug-Free Marshal booth that it was one of the best health fairs I've seen. The fire truck and police car that you could climb into were great and I really liked the park ranger truck with so much useful education on local wildlife." Noelle North told YMCA organizers.

"It is so important that along side all this fun, we educate youth about the harmful effects of drugs so they can get the truth about drugs to make good choices."

"Drug abuse is ruining our culture," said Noelle North LA coordinator of the Drug-Free Marshals, sponsored by the Church of Scientology. "Overcoming this scourge requires real drug education about exactly what drugs do to our bodies and minds. Effective drug education at all levels of society can and will bring about drug abuse prevention."In the last decade, Scientology churches worldwide have printed and distributed more than 8.3 million informational brochures laying out the facts about drugs and including the Truth About Drugs booklets.

The educational effort has also included more than 280,000 drug awareness billboards and posters, 48 million fliers, 89,000 public awareness events, and 10,200 newspaper and television stories promoting drug-free living.

"There are a lot of people and children that want to help others and make sure their family and friends live drug-free. " said North."The Drug-Free Marshal program helps give people information and resolve that is empowering to both adults and children. As humanitarian, L.Ron Hubbard said, 'Save the child and you save the nation'."

Since the launch of the youth program,"Drug Free Marshals" has lead to more than 3.2 million youth being sworn in as Drug-Free Marshals in cities and towns throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and Europe.

To get more information on Drug-Free Marshals, contact the Community Affairs Office- Noelle North at the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles at 323-953-3200.