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Interpol involved in drug dealing

Title: Interpol involved in drug dealing
Date: Friday, 17 June 1977
Publisher: Village Voice
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A Congressional Subcommittee has been given the names of South American Interpol officials who are using their position to traffic in cocaine and been asked to curtail U.S. relations with the private, French-based police association.

The information that Interpol officials have been Involved in drug trafficking came as the result of a 7 month, 7 nation investigation by Vaughn Young, Research Director of the Church of Scientology's National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice (NCLE).

Young stated in his letter to Steed that he concentrated on Bolivia because it is a major source of cocaine and the parents of a group of Americans looked in Bolivian jails on drug charges had recently met in Washington to protest the treatment given the U.S. citizens to the South American country.

"The fact that Americans are being looked up by trafficers is the worst form of Looking-Glass Justice," Young told Steed. He told the Chairman of the Subcommittee that an independent investigation by the Congress is needed as U.S. Interpol officials "have become satellites for Secretary Jean Nepote who has urged them to bear the brunt of criticism while he sits comfortably in Paris."

Young testified before the House Subcommittee on Treasury Appropriations last month and presented evidence found in State Department files and was asked to supply the Subcommittee with additional details. Young did so in a letter to Chairman Tom Steed (D-Okla) citing the names of a dozen Bolivian Interpol officials.