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Church of Scientology denies John Travolta too scared to leave

Title: Church of Scientology denies John Travolta too scared to leave
Date: Thursday, 30 July 2009
Publisher: Herald Sun (Australia)
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THE Church of Scientology has angrily denied that high-profile follower John Travolta allegedly blames it for not being able to prevent his son’s death.
Tabloid reports earlier this week claimed Travolta had become a “bitter recluse” after the death of his son Jett, 16, who was believed to have suffered from autism.

Britain’s Mail on Sunday claimed church insiders had said Travolta bitterly regretted adhering to Scientology’s teachings when treating his son's condition and had threatened to quit the secretive church.

But the report also claims the 55-year-old actor may not follow up on his threat because of fears it could retaliate by revealing embarrassing details about his private life.

A spokesman for the Church of Scientology in Sydney denied the claims, saying first of all that any information said to come from church insiders must be false.

“We have very strict codes of conduct in maintaining complete confidentiality of all discussions between a minister and parishioner,” he said.

“This is just gossip magazine quality lies - made up, to sell magazines and newspapers to a sensational hungry crowd. The lives of Scientologists are private.”

The church’s claims were backed up by Travolta’s representative, who called the reports "totally false".

Paul Bloch told "There's no change in the relationship between the Church of Scientology and John. He is a member and it's as it was, now and forever."

The church said it was impossible for Travolta to blame Scientology for his son’s treatment, as it did not engage in physical diagnosis or treatment.

It’s focus on vitamins and detox programs were recommendations only.

“We heal the spirit and matters concerned with a person's understanding of themselves and others and the universe,” the spokesman said.

“We are a religion, not a medical practice.”

He added that any claims that the Church of Scientology was holding Travolta to ransom with a secret dossier of embarrassing personal secrets were also false.

Confessions to ministers were recorded in a “highly abbreviated” script for record purposes only.

“All information given in confession to any priest or minister of any religion is confidential and it is no different in Scientology,” he said.

“No case that has ever been brought against the Church of Scientology proving that we use personal information because it is a false accusation and without merit.”