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Church sues for U.S. file [exact date unknown]

Title: Church sues for U.S. file [exact date unknown]
Date: Thursday, 1 July 1976
Publisher: Detroit Free Press
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WASHINGTON — (AP) — The Founding Church of Scientology sued the National Security Agency Wednesday, seeking release under the Freedom of Information Act of intelligence files the agency admits it holds on the church group.

The security agency first told the church that it could not locate the files, but after the Central Intelligence Agency said it had been provided the files by the National Security Agency, the NSA Wrote to the church and said the files had been located but would not be released.

John R. Harney, the Freedom of Information appeal officer at the NSA, said in a letter to the church that because the material in the files was obtained "in the course of a classified foreign intelligence activity" it would not be released.