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Scientology and it's application [sic]

Title: Scientology and it's application [sic]
Date: Thursday, 8 April 1971
Publisher: Mercer Island Reporter (Washington)
Author: Sue Daum
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The discovery of Dianetics and Scientology has provided a technology which has been successfully used by educators, doctors, artists and athletes. The most recent application of this technology is in the field of drug abuse.

Narconon, the first drug rehabilitation program using Scientology technology, is the only program of its kind being used in penal institutions.

A continual problem facing prison officials is the consistent return to prison of the drug offender, almost immediately following his discharge from prison.

Narconon boasts a phenomenal figure of 82% statistic — no return cases. This far surpasses any other drug reform group attempting to handle the problem.

Nine former MIHS graduates are presently studying Dianetics and Scientology technology.

"Narconon, with the Scientology program, is another example of the workability of Dianetics and Scientology," said Steve Heard, former Islander.

"The program has been expanded and is used in all Scientology churches and missions throughout the Western Hemisphere."

According to Narconon Officials, narcotic addiction appears to be the problem. But if one really looks at it he will see that narcotics isn't the real problem but merely a solution to an earlier existing problem. Scientology claims to have the only workable technology to find the source of a problem and eradicate it.

Narconon is presently being used in Arizona and California prisons. Though the program is primarily for drug abusers, inmates who have never used drugs are taking courses through Narconon which include the Personal Efficiency course, and the Anatomy of the Human Mind course.

The courses are divided into two parts, theory and practical. The courses are designed to increase control, communication, responsibility and understanding.

"A person has to understand how the mind works in order to understand how a Being operates." said Heard.

"Dianetics is a precise technology which eradicates problems of the mind. Scientology then addresses the Spiritual Being (meaning the person himself) and increases his potential abilities. The Being is not his mind or his body. He simply uses his mind and his body."

In Scientology the emphasis is on working with the person as a Spiritual Being until he comes to realize that he can do those things that provide for his survival and for a good society.

While everyone is looking for a solution to drug abuse, Scientologists have one and use it. Drug users and non drug users in prisons are taking Narconon courses to find out more about, as many inmates put it, "this game called life".

If life is a game it certainly should be one where everyone wins, and according to a Scientologist, "that is exactly what happens here in Scientology, everyone does win".

For further information about the Church of Scientology, call AT 4-3650.