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backtalk // We are not a cult, not a cult, not a cult...

Title: backtalk // We are not a cult, not a cult, not a cult...
Date: Wednesday, 1 September 1993
Publisher: Mother Jones
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After we ran a 250-word article about the introduction of the Church of Scientology into Russia ("L. Ron's Russia," March/April), our office was inundated by letters, the majority coming from within a ninety-mile radius of our San Francisco offices. Following is a sample of the thoughts expressed in the letters:

Mother Jones reached its journalistic bottom with "L. Ron's Russia." It appears that you are using propaganda from either Interpol or Eli Lilly as your news. To spread this distortion on your part is a countersurvival act.

L. Ron Hubbard, as history will someday show, was the world's greatest philosopher. Out of his works, numerous miracles occur daily, worldwide.

Robert Black, San Mateo, California

Did Mother Jones miss the story, that upon hearing how well the Russians were receiving Mr. Hubbard's study, Eli Lilly, the maker of Prozac, sent a team of execs to Russia on a black propaganda mission against Mr. Hubbard and Scientology? This is a retaliation for Scientology's exposure of Prozac and its explosive side effects, which hurt Eli Lilly in its most vital target area, its profit margin. The Russians, however, are very hip to propaganda and sent the Eli Lilly boys packing, back whence they came.

R. Lance Whalin, San Francisco, California

I understand that Eli Lilly is opening in Moscow in order to continue with the emotional straitjacket psyche drug operations working in the United States, which turn us all into noncaring, no-action individuals instead of people helping others.

Sharyn Runyon, Los Angeles, California

It has just gotten a bit clearer to me why you wrote the anti-Scientology article that you did. Perhaps you are in a better position financially if there are people addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Judith Fisher, Mountain View, California

Nazis don't write favorable stories on Scientologists either. I guess you guys have something in common.

T. Belanger, San Francisco, California

Don't confuse "facts" with the truth. The fact is, Abraham Lincoln was responsible for the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of Americans through his conduct of the Civil War. The truth is, he saved the Union. The fact is, Mr. Hubbard and the organizations which utilize his teachings are controversial. The truth is, the principles he taught, when applied, better the human condition.

David Kocharhook,
Chairman of the board
Narconon of Northern California
Santa Clara, California