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[Re. FDA v. Founding Church of Scientology, Washington D.C.]

Title: [Re. FDA v. Founding Church of Scientology, Washington D.C.]
Date: Saturday, 31 July 1971
Publisher: New York Times
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Fed Dist Judge G A Gesell condemns use at 'E-meter' but permits Ch of Scientology to continue using instrument in its religious practices; rules that L R Hubbard's claims for meter are 'quackery' but says that Scientology does meet qualifications of being religion and is entitled to protection under 1st Amendment of Const; orders FDA to return 100 'E-meters' and 2 tons of printed material seized in '63; rules that only Scientology mins will be permitted to use 'E-meters' and that they must file affidavit with FDA stating basis on which claim of religious counseling is made; rules that effect of judgment will be to eliminate 'E-meter' for further secular use by Scientologists; Scientology min Rev A J Maren says ch is pleased with decision but less pleased with some comments about 'E-meter'; FDA is studying decision and remains undecided about appeal, Jl 31,20:5