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Talking points... // We are growing tired of their antics

Title: Talking points... // We are growing tired of their antics
Date: Thursday, 25 July 1968
Publisher: East Grinstead Observer
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WHEN we want the Scientologists to run East Grinstead we will let them know . . .

They seem blissfully Ignorant of the fact that the residents of the town are growing a little tired of their antics such at issuing a list of places which they have decided to put out of bounds to their members.

They include cafes, shops, public houses, and even a professional man, a solicitor, is named.

Just who do the Scientologists think they are to act in a manner completely repugnant to the majority of English people?

Perhaps this behaviour is accepted practice in America, but it is certainly not in this country, and it is not the kind or thing which is going to be tolerated indefinitely from a foreign organisation.

I believe I speak for most of the people in this town when I say we take the strongest possible exception to being told 'Watch your step, or else . . .' It smacks of threats, and we do not take kindly to them.

I also suggest that the Scientology Headquarters at Saint Hill watch their step in other ways.

Mr. P. E. Bishop, of Rockfield House, Coombe Hill Road, East Grinstead, brought into the 'Observer' office a photostat of correspondence from Saint Hill, which, incidentally, he has sent to the Home Office.

His son, Andrew, has never been a Scientologist, but his father says Andrew was approached by Scientologists in a cafe to become a member. He did not do so, but later a number of Scientologists arrived at Rockfield House to see him and Mr. Bishop, sen., told them to go — in no uncertain terms.

Subsequent to that, his son t received a letter stating 'Dear Andrew, You have been declared a Trouble Source. See enclosed.'

The enclosed was headed HCO Ethics Order. No. 907 SH FDN dated June 27th, 1968, and was addressed to All [?] Students. The [?] given as [?]

The [?] stated: 'Andrew Bishop, of Rockfield House, Coombe Hill Road, East Grinstead, is hereby declared a Troublesome Source as per policy letter of 27 Oct, '64, in that his father is antagonistic to Scientology. He may not be audited or trained until this situation is handled to the satisfaction of the Ethics Officer.' It is signed Ivor Norris, T/Ethics Officer, FDN.

What an insufferable piece of impertinence. I don't wonder that Mr. Bishop, sen., has contacted the Home Office, and their reaction will be interesting. The British are only prepared to tolerate so much in the way of insults from non-British organisations who base themselves in this country. The Scientologists would do well to remember that, or maybe the time will come when this country is placed out of bounds to Scientologists.