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A message to the founder (somewhere in the Med.)

Title: A message to the founder (somewhere in the Med.)
Date: Monday, 29 July 1968
Publisher: Daily Record (Scotland, UK)
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A cable was on its way last night to Lafayette Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology organisation.

He is somewhere in the Mediterranean on board Enchanter, one of the three ships that form the nerve-centres of the cult.

The message, sent by the group's British H.Q. In Edinburgh, asked if he wanted to answer allegations made against him and the Scientologists by Health Minister Kenneth Robinson in the Commons.

The Daily Record had invited Hubbard to defend his cult and explain his plans for expanding in Scotland.

Mr. Robinson branded Scientology as a serious threat to health, objectionable, and socially harmful.

[Picture / Caption: The Royal Scotman, one of the fleet of three Mr. Hubbard operates for his cruises.]