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Cult jobs: Ban imposed by Ministry

Title: Cult jobs: Ban imposed by Ministry
Date: Friday, 2 August 1968
Publisher: Evening News (Edinburgh)
Authors: Logan Robertson, Nigel Hawkins
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The Ministry for Employment and Productivity have stopped sending people for vacancies at the Edinburgh offices of Publications Organisation. The ban was applied after it was found there was a link between Publications Organisation and Scientology.

A spokesman for the Ministry said in Edinburgh today that they had referred the whole matter to their headquarters in London.

He said : "We have sent several women, and one or two men, to vacancies notified to us by Publications Organisation. We did not know they were linked with the Scientology Organisation.

"We also placed a woman student with them and she later called at our Rose Street Exchange and made a complaint about conditions at Publications Organisation.


"Publication Organisation first intimated they had vacancies about the end of June. On July 17 or 18, a worker with the organisation complained to us. He produced some brochures, and it was discovered there was a link between Publications Organisation and the Hubbard Scientology Organisation.

"We suspend any further action by stopping sending people for vacancies at Publications Organisation. We referred the matter to our London headquarters, who will consider what further action should be taken."


Today an Edinburgh M.P. said he was going to investigate the activities in the city of Scientology — a philosophy of American origin, which claims it increases people's ability.

Mr Norman Wylie, Q.C., M.P. for Edinburgh Pentlands, said : "This is something that I am going to look into very closely."

He had spoken to one of his constituents, a member of whose family was employed by part of the Scientology organisation.

"From what I have been told, I will certainly have to look into this matter," said Mr Wylie.


"If it is the case that they are paying young girls £9 a week to work for them, it strikes me as very odd."

Two other city M.P.s said today they would be keeping a watch on the matter.

Mr Anthony Stodart. M.P. for Edinburgh West, said "I will be keeping an interested eye on the situation."

And Mr James Hoy, M.P. for Leith, said : "I shall be watching the matter."

Mr W. I. Wintour, Chief Sanitary Inspector for Edinburgh, said: "My senior sanitary inspector in charge of office and shop premises is probably going to visit the Scientology premises today."

The Sanitary Department were approached by Councillor Rupert Speyer following allegations by a 15-year-old girl about conditions of work at the organisation's premises at North East Thistle Street Lane.

Yesterday the "Evening News" published a special investigation into the case of 15-year-old Kathleen Riley, of 31 Niddrie Marischal Place, Edinburgh, who worked for Publications Organisation for five weeks.

* Reporters were expelled from the room and questions barred from the floor when Scientologists held the second meeting of a South Wales tour in Cardiff. The hotel where the meeting was held have refused further bookings, but the group said they would open a study centre in the city.