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Cult founder says he has finished

Title: Cult founder says he has finished
Date: Friday, 2 August 1968
Publisher: The Times (UK)
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Mr. Lafayette Ron Hubbard, aged 57, American founder of the scientology movement, sent a telex message yesterday to the cult's headquarters at East Grinstead, Sussex, saying: "I finished my work. Now it is up to others."

Mrs. David Gaiman, wife of the movement's chief spokesman, said the message gave no clue to Mr. Hubbard's whereabouts. It read: —

"I retired from directorship in scientology organization two or more years ago to explore and study the decline of ancient civilizations and so learnt how this current one is going.

"My conclusion is that they declined because of intolerance and inhumanity to man. Efforts to stamp out philosophy and bar out students is a shadow of the injustice soon to be visited on all.

"England, once the light and hope of the world, has become a police state, and can no longer be trusted."

Mr. Hubbard. a science-fiction writer, was believed last week to be "somewhere at sea" on his 3,300-ton vessel the Royal Scotsman.

Scientologists at East Grinstead declined to comment on the message. They are to hold a private meeting in London on Sunday.

The Home Office said that no move would be made to ban the meeting. "Scientology is certainly not illegal in itself ", it was said. "It is simply that we do not recognize it as an educational course."