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Life in the cult -- by Kathleen and Iain [part of the article missing]

Title: Life in the cult -- by Kathleen and Iain [part of the article missing]
Date: Friday, 2 August 1968
Publisher: Daily Record (Scotland, UK)
Authors: Ian Metcalfe, Allan Gulland
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A BOY and a girl told last night of what happened to them in while they worked at the Scottish headquarters of the Scientologists.

THE GIRL, Kathleen Riley, said it was a bit frightening at first when she was given a kind of lie-detector test.

THE BOY, lain Thomson, 20, claimed he was told to work for more than 15 hours — then sleep on a wooden floor.

Kathleen, of 31 Niddrie Marischal Place, Edinburgh, said she was linked to an E meter — a "kind of lie detector" — as questions were fired at her by the staff at the [organisation on] Thistle Street.

She was asked questions like: "Do birds fly," "Have you embezzled money in any previous office?", "Are you afraid of the police?", "Are you running away from the police for any reason?"

"I was a bit nervous while this was going on. But there were no after-effects."


The test was given to Kathleen two days after she answered an advert for a job as a filing clerkess in the Scientology organisation.

Her answers to the E meter were recorded on cards which were screened from her and she was never told what was recorded on them

After Kathleen had undergone her initial test she was graded in a state of "NON-EXISTENCE" and later re-graded as NORMAL.


"They had all sorts of gradings for people who worked with them. They had gradings such as DANGER, EMERGENCY, NORMAL LIABILITY, TREASON and DOUBT."

"There were different kinds of punishment ranging from not being allowed to have a lunch break, not being allowed to wash, shave, have a bath or having to wear old clothes.

"I saw men there who had obviously not shaved for days."

After five weeks working for the scientologists Kathleen was [rest of the article missing]

[Picture / Caption: KATHLEEN RILEY . . . her answers in the E meter test were recorded.]

[Picture / Caption: IAIN THOMSON . . . he claimed he was told to sleep on a wooden floor.]

[Picture / Caption: HUBBARD . . . somewhere at sea.]